Biggie Smalls becomes Stretchy Art

Contemporary artist Felix Semper dazzles us with wild, stretchable sculptures that he creates. One of his most recent works is non-other than the late brooklyn hip hop legend Notorious B.I.G. Check out the video above to see Felix’s incredible work and read a small excerpt below from Felix’s website about him:

“​Felix Semper is a, self-taught artist his art reflects his culture and his experiences as he has traveled and lived internationally. Semper is known for his mind-bending stretchable paper sculptures He is constantly seeking new ways to incorporate materials of everyday life such as paper, books, vinyl records, wood and found objects into his sculptures. His stretchable paper sculptures appearing to be a stone or other materials are in fact entirely comprised of layers of paper. Felix’s stretchable paper sculptures are inspired by everyday items, classical busts and pop culture, . They are made from glued layers of paper, sliced wood, books, recycled materials, etc. This fluid movement gives the sculpture a playful mobility as opposed to the traditional aesthetic. He has transformed the media to stretch, twist, elongate and retract. Felix invites viewers to experience sculpture in an insightful new way.  

His Artistic talents are not only in sculpture but they are also in painting, as he brings a raw, street and graffiti feeling to
his canvases.

He is constantly seeking new ways to incorporate materials of everyday life into his sculptures, as he has transformed and redefined the medium.

Semper is taking his art to new levels while working directly with CMO’s and marketing teams to develop corporate art that not only represents the company and its core but reach new marketing levels. Collaborating with Business Insider, Marriott International and other top global corporations Semper has brought his stretchable paper art to new frontiers.
Semper is a ground breaking visionary artist in every respect using paper and other materials; he has transformed and redefined sculpture as we know it.”