Now your Apple Watch can get connected to your gym and earn you cool stuff!

The Apple Watch is a cool little wearable gizmo that has been all the craze for fitness enthusiasts since it debuted a few years back. It comes in handy for people wanting to track their levels of activity like running, walking, biking, rowing swimming and much more. The overall issue for sometime with these devices is their use of GPS when indoors at times, especially detection on some machines at your local gyms (like ellipticals for example). Apple over the iterations of the watch has taken steps to improve activity detection in a setting such as a local gym with the addition of GymKit in 2017 but just this week it’s been announced that another huge step has been made with Apple and partnering fitness facilities.

The new Apple Watch Connected program will launch with four Gym partners including Orangetheory, Basecamp, YMCA and Crunch Fitness. And like GymKit before it, there’s a pretty good chance it will take a while to make it to your neighborhood workout facility, unless you live in a handful of metro areas like Manhattan and the Twin Cities. The program is designed to further bridge the gap between life inside and outside of the gym. It includes GymKit-enabled equipment, an Apple Watch and iOS app, accepting Apple Pay and “incentive programs.”

Keep an eye out at your local gym in the near future for any type of integration to this new program. Sure makes getting an Apple Watch even more appealing if you are a gym head and love earning free stuff!