Leonardo DiCaprio donated $1 mil to Harvey relief

Leonardo DiCaprio has made a $1 million donation thru his foundation to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. United Way Worldwide announced the United Way Harvey Recovery Fund on Wednesday and the inaugural donation to the fund was from DiCaprio. They will distribute 100% of the donations for recovery in the affected areas.

According to Us Weekly Lady Gaga and her ex Taylor Kinney are still good friends. A source told the magazine, “Gaga and Taylor talk or text every single day and meet up when they’re in the same city, but nothing romantic is happening between them.” Kinney was recently spotted attending  Gaga’s Joanne world tour at Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

Despite the sexual assault allegations against Billy Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld stands behind his comedic legacy. During an interview on Norm MacDonald Live he said, “I think Bill Cosby is the biggest comedian of all time. I don’t think anyone will ever match his production and quality in material.”