$25 for 6 MONTHS of swag from a new Arby’s subscription box

For only $25 total (which Arby’s humorously notes is “less than cost of 26 Arby’s sliders”), fans of the brand can pick up 6 MONTHS of swag from a new “Arby’s of the Month” subscription box. According to the press release, each of the 6 boxes will be “filled with sandwich and meat-inspired lifestyle gear.” The first box will include “a vintage Arby’s Sled Tray, Bacon Scarf, Arby’s Holiday Beanie as well as a set of temporary Arby’s tattoos designed by Long Beach artist Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery of Port City Tattoo.” Though the subscriptions unfortunately sold out almost immediately, Arby’s offers a place to sign up for future stock HERE. Here’s that tattoo artist in action, working on permanent Arby’s tattoos for superfans: