Amazon’s hilarious Super Bowl commercial campaign

We’ve taken a break from party food ideas today to bring you the star-studded Super Bowl commercial campaign Amazon released this week. The longest version they’ve released so far is a minute and a half of celebrity appearances, the list of which reads like a who’s who in Hollywood: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, superstar rapper Cardi B., Australian comedian Rebel Wilson, and legendary actor Anthony Hopkins. The video even features a peacock, but the timing makes us think it’s only a happy coincidence rather than a planned nod to the peacock that tried to board an American Airlines flight this week. This commercial has already spread like wildfire on social media, which isn’t surprising given how internet-aware and meme-worthy it is:

Amazon has also been releasing shorter clips with other celebrities. Here’s our favorite, with comedians Leslie Jones and JB Smoove: