Ashton Kutcher revealed that he had battled a rare autoimmune disease. Kutcher said that he is “lucky to be alive,” after dealing with the disorder. “Like two years ago, I had this weird, super rare form of vasculitis, that like knocked out my vision, it knocked out my hearing, it knocked out like all my equilibrium,” Kutcher explained during an upcoming episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The Challenge. 

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi are reportedly married. According to multiple outlets the couple secretly tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in London. The couple got engaged two months ago and have been dating for over a year. 

Mindy Kaling is not bothered by the rumors that her former Office co-star B.J. Novak is the the father of her two children. Kaling has never shared publicly the father of her children. “He’s the godparent to both my kids and they have such a great relationship so far [the rumors haven’t] affected my happiness at all, it hasn’t affected my kids or BJ,” she told Marie Claire.