Beer seltzer? Apparently that’s a thing now!

With the explosion in popularity of White Claw and other alcoholic seltzers, it was presumably only a matter of time until the world would have beer mixed with seltzer. The time has now come.

Leinenkugel, the beer company known for its Summer Shandy, is entering the hard seltzer game. “There are plenty of beers on the market and a variety of seltzers entering the category, but nobody is offering the best of both worlds except us,” said Katie Leinenkugel, Leinenkugel’s Brand Strategy and Engagement Lead, and sixth-generation family member. “Spritzen is the refreshing intersection between beer’s timeless taste and the modern rise of seltzers. We know that drinkers enjoy seltzer’s better-for-you qualities but miss the taste of beer, and Spritzen is the perfect option to fill that need.”

The new Spritzen will come in three flavors (Grapefruit, Raspberry Lemon and Pineapple Strawberry) and will have under 100 calories with no sugar or artificial ingredients.