Ben Stiller visited Ukraine for World Refugee Day on Monday. The Zoolander star is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency. Stiller met with President Zelensky during his visit and told him “You’re my hero.” He added that he was inspired by Zelensky, “for what you’ve done in this country and for the world”. Stiller also visited Poland and met with families who had fled the war in Ukraine.

Stephen Colbert opened up about the arrest of some of his staff at a congressional office building near the U.S. Capitol last week. Colbert kicked off Monday’s show explaining how members of his production team, including the comedian who voices “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog,” were arrested and charged with unlawful entry. Colbert said his production team shot interviews all day on Wednesday and Thursday and went through security clearance. On Thursday night, after they were done with interviews, the host said the team was doing some “last-minute puppetry” when they were detained by Capitol Police. Colbert said “his staffers were processed and released.”