Bill Paxton’s family sue hospital and doctor for his death

Bill Paxton’s family blames the hospital and the surgeon who operated on him for his death last year. Paxton’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against them. The family alleges the surgeon used “a high risk and unconventional surgical approach with which he lacked experience” and that the hospital and surgeon, “misrepresented and/or concealed information relating to the risks of surgery,” according to the suit. Paxton died of a stroke just days after undergoing heart surgery.

Since departing E! Over a pay dispute it seems Catt Sadler’s friends are afraid to meet her in public. Sadler told Cosmopolitan, “I have very good friends there who reach out and I still see and talk to and I adore and love. But they’re literally like, ‘Uh, maybe we shouldn’t meet at Sunset Tower, maybe you should come over,’ because they don’t want to get in trouble. It’s that heightened of a situation.”

Nelly is under investigation for sexual assault for the second time. According to TMZ the alleged incident took place in England last year. A woman is accusing the rapper of forcing her to give him oral sex following his concert on December 5th. The woman said she met Nelly after his show to take a picture with him. He reportedly invited her and her friends to join him in his dressing room. Nelly’s lawyer released a statement denying all allegations.