According to TMZ Britney Spears’ husband, her manager and other family and friends planned to host an intervention for the pop star. They planned to convince Spears to get treatment and have her sequester in her house in Los Angeles for two months. The intervention was  canceled at the last minute. Spears reportedly met with a doctor on Wednesday night and it went well. 

Evangeline Lilly gave an update on Jeremy Renner’s recovery from his horrific snow plow accident. “He has recovered like a mofo,” Lilly told Access Hollywood. “It’s a miracle! It’s a straight-up miracle. He’s made himself really tough, that guy. You’ve always been able to see that in him. He is recovering incredibly, and it’s beautiful. I’m so grateful.”

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have been married for 21 years. Ford told The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t always fly with him since his plane crash in 2015. “My wife does not fly with me in vintage airplanes anymore—she will in others. I certainly don’t want to have to recover from that kind of accident again. It was really hard on my family and it was hard on me.”