BURGER KING entered the vegan market in a big way on April Fools’

JUST on the heels of a similar Red Robin announcement (HERE), Burger King played a bit of a prank on loyal customers in St. Louis on April Fools’ Day, serving vegan Impossible Burgers inside BK’s Whopper. The result was unremarkable, in that people appeared not to even believe they’d been duped. If the Impossible Whopper is really JUST as delicious as the original, we are stoked to hear that Burger King is thinking of taking this gig on the road later this year and introducing the rest of the country to the Impossible possibilities.

Here’s a video of the BK “prank” in St. Louis:

And here’s a much more in-depth look from CNET at how Impossible Burger prepared the Burger King patties – and one reporter’s opinion on how they really taste: