Cheese, glorious cheese

If you’re in Austin, Texas this week for South by Southwest, we are officially jealous. Sure, there are films and concerts and interactive events to attend, but NONE of that rivals the news that broke today about the world’s longest cheese board. Today and tomorrow only, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board invites attendees to partake in “the enormous cheese board [which] features over two thousand pounds and over 100 different varieties of cheese from brands across the state.” The press release goes on to say, “the record-breaking cheese board is over 70 feet long and features some of Wisconsin’s finest cheeses from cave-aged cheddars to fresh, squeaky curds and includes hand-rubbed wheels, blue-veined cheddars, stinky limburger and the 2017 US Cheese Champion, Sartori Black Pepper BellaVitano®.” And if that’s not enough, apparently there are even alcoholic pairings throughout today and tomorrow to accompany the cheeses, so obviously our absence is deeply heart-breaking. Just click through the photos of  this beautiful spread and try not to cry:

We brought the 🧀 to #SXSW and it was 🌟magical🌟

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