Coachella celebrated Easter with Kanye at Sunday Service

Now that we’ve reached the end of Coachella 2019, it seems the biggest hype surrounding the much-hyped music festival was for Kanye West’s Sunday Service. Though his Sunday Service has been going on weekly for months now, Kanye’s Coachella performance was the first real look inside for most fans – and it did NOT disappoint. From The New York Times headline declaring it “the Gospel According to Kanye West,” to Pitchfork calling it “a sacrilegious mess,” it’s all anyone can talk about. Frequent collaborators Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla Sign and Chance the Rapper made appearances, while Kanye rarely vocalized. “Sunday Service didn’t showcase a West the public is used to,” Gerrick D. Kennedy wrote for the Los Angeles Times (HERE). “He barely rapped, or performed any of his music himself, even when debuting a new song titled ‘Water.’ He largely ceded the spotlight to the choir and band as he pounded on his drum machine or got lost in the music.” Kanye’s 50,000 fans included the Kardashian clan (of course), Justin Bieber, Willow and Jaden Smith, and Blackpink, among others.