David Cassidy is suffering from dementia

David Cassidy is battling dementia. The Partridge Family star told PEOPLE that he is fighting the same diseases that he saw his Grandfather and Mother struggle with. “I was in denial but a part of me always knew this was coming,” Cassidy told the magazine. The news comes a day after the former teen idol appeared to slur his words and forget the lyrics to his songs during a concert over the weekend.

Hoda Kotb is a mom. The Today co-anchor announced the big news that she has adopted a baby girl named Haley Joy Kotb during Tuesday’s show. “She’s a Valentine’s baby,” Kotb said during a call. “She is the love of my life.” This is the 52-year-old’s first child.

Tom Hanks is writing his first book. The Academy Award winner’s collection of short stories will be published in October by Knopf. According to the publisher, Uncommon Type: Some Stories will include 17 tales each involving a typewriter. Hanks collects vintage typewriters and owns more than 100 of them. In a statement Hanks revealed that he has been working on the book for two years.