Demi Lovato dating UFC superstar

According to TMZ Demi Lovato has moved on from former boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. The pop singer is reportedly dating UFC superstar Luke Rockhold. The two met at they gym and have been dating for a couple of months.

Britney Spears’ ninth album Glory is here! The album dropped late Thursday night. This is Britney’s first release since 2013’s Britney Jean. Spears got her own Twitter Emoji in celebration of the release. The new custom emoji illustrations of her face went live just as her album hit streaming service.

Sarah Paulson is in talks to join the cast of Ocean’s Eight. According to Deadline, Paulson is in early talks to join the all female spinoff. If the deal happens she will join Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, and Sandra Bullock. Paulson also just joined the cast of Ryan Murphy’s new FX series Feud.

Nine people were injured at an Orlando mall when the sound of popping balloons prompted shoppers to panic and flee thinking it was gunfire. The sounds were actually from six large balloons being popped at part of an industry-standard inspection for the grand opening of former ‘NSync singer Joey Fatone’s new restaurant.