Dogfish Head is going to develop a FILM in its new BEER!

Delaware brewing company Dogfish Head has created a beer that will actually develop film. Called SuperEIGHT, the super Gose is brewed with eight refreshing ingredients: prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices, and toasted quinoa. But it’s the brew’s pH that gives it its film-developing properties. According to Dogfish Head’s founder Sam Calagione, “We thought this beer could be the ultimate film developing catalyst. We tested it, lo and behold it is. So we are gonna be making a film this summer, submersing the Super 8 film from Kodak in the Super EIGHT beer from Dogfish and releasing it in partnership with the Nature Conservancy in the fall.” We figure we’ll leave the film developing to the pros, but we’ll definitely be looking for the beer in stores nationwide starting in April.