DUNKIN’ isn’t just for donuts anymore. Their newest snack is… just… BACON?

Dunkin’ (previously named Dunkin’ Donuts, R.I.P.) has announced its newest snack offering. “For anyone who’s seeking a satisfying snack but is stuck with a sad selection at their desk, office kitchen or vending machine, Dunkin’ is adding some extra sizzle to its menu.”

Spoiler alert: it’s a bag full of bacon.

“Each order of Snackin’ Bacon features eight half-slices of bacon specially flavored with Sweet Black Pepper seasoning for a sweet and savory combination offering a deliciously bold taste.”

So the next time you’re craving a “sleeve” of peppery bacon, you know where to go! Pair it with Dunkin’s limited time Irish Creme flavored coffee and a Lucky Shamrock Donut for some St. Patrick’s Day flair.