Ellen Pompeo revealed that she might quit acting once grey’s Anatomy is done. “I’m not saying I’ll never act again, I very well may, but I’m not super excited about continuing my acting career, “ she said on the Ladies First with Laura Brown podcast. “The acting, even though I haven’t done a million different roles, I feel like I’ve done it,” she added. “You know, it’s for the young at heart. It’s for the youth!”

Reese Witherspoon sold her Hello Sunshine production company for $900 million. The Wall Street Journal reported that the investment fund Blackstone purchased the company and Witherspoon will continue to oversee its day-to-day operations along with members of the existing senior management team. “ Today, we’re taking a huge step forward by partnering with Blackstone, which will enable us to tell even more entertaining, impactful and illuminating stories about women’s lives globally,” the Legally Blonde star said in a statement.

Soleil Moon Frye revealed on Instagram that 3 out of her four children have tested positive for coronavirus. “I thought my son had a cold or a fever; I did not know that he had COVID-19,” Frye wrote.  “With the encouragement of our doctor I had him tested – he tested positive. I was on my way to a work trip, rushed home and two of my other children tested positive as well.” Frye said she has no idea how her kids contracted COVID-19, given that she and others close to the family have all tested negative for the coronavirus.