Emmy Rossum fights back against anti-semitic tweets

Emmy Rossum says she received anti-semitic threats from Trump supporters on Twitter. The Shameless star tweeted, “Telling anyone to ‘get ready for the trains’ in reference to WWII is disgusting and offensive. Reporting you to twitter is not enough. Back off.” Rossum has been clear that she is a Clinton supporter and posted several tweets mourning her loss.

Jackie Chan finally wins an Oscar . The Rush Hour star received an honorary Oscar at the Annual Governors Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday. Tom Hanks, Chris Tucker and Michelle Yeoh presented Chan with the award. “Standing here is a dream. After 56 years in the film indurstry, making more than 200 films, breaking so many bones, finally this is mine,” Chan said as he accepted the honor.

Ryan Reynolds shared the story of the moment he knew Blake Lively was the one with GQ. “We were hanging out at his little restaurant in Tribeca that’s open really late, and this song came on and I was just like, ‘Want to dance?’ No one was in there, so it was just totally empty. And it was just one of those moments where halfway through the dance, it was like, ‘Oh, I think I just crossed a line.'” Reynolds however chose not to reveal what song they dance too.