Erika Jayne’s attorneys have formally filed to withdraw from representing her. The news comes just after the release of Hulu’s, The Housewife and the Hustler. The new Hulu documentary highlights the former clients and victims of her husband Tom Girardi. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s star filed for divorce from the famed lawyer in November 2020. He is facing multiple lawsuits and she is also being sued for allegedly using their split to embezzle money. 

 Reese Witherspoon opened up about her fears filming Wild in an interview with Tracee Ellis Ross in Interview magazine. The actress said that she was “so scared” to do the 2014 film about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail that she suffered panic attacks and tried hypnosis to help her cope. “I was having panic attacks for three weeks before I started,” she said.“I hadn’t ever been alone in scenes for days and days,” she continued. “There were probably 25 days of the shoot where I had no other actor opposite me. It was just me and a camera and a backpack.”

Dwayne Johnson was just named People’s No. 1 Reason to Love America. “I love our country to my core and I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here, as a half-Black, half-Samoan kid being able to work my ass off knowing tenacity opens doors,” he told the outlet “In a lot of ways, I’m indebted to our great country for it.”