Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi are facing claims of fraud and embezzlement. The couple are being sued by several families who lost loved one in a Boeing plane crash. According to the lawsuit the reality stars embezzled settlement funds meant to help the families of victims on Lion Air Flight 610 to fund their lavish lifestyle. The lawsuit also claims that the couples recent divorce is a fraud and is an attempt to protect their finances. 

Miley Cyrus opened up about her ex-husband and her sobriety during an interview with Howard Stern. “I really do and did love him very, very, very much and still do, always will,” Cyrus said about her ex Liam Hemsworth. “A lot of people, their sobriety broke during this time. I was one of them. Luckily, I haven’t gone back to using any drugs, but I was drinking during the pandemic,” Cyrus added. 

Jim Parsons revealed that he auditioned for The Office before landing the role of Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory during a panel for Fox’s Call Me Kat.  Parsons didn’t mention which character he auditioned for. “I was like ‘how stupid, it’s about an office. If America wanted their own office show, they would have already made it by now,” Parsons said. Of course Parsons did not get the role and was wrong about the show that went on to win multiple Emmy and Golden Globe awards during it’s highly successful run.