Gandalf does not do weddings

Ian McKellen told the Mail on Sunday that he turned down $1.5 million to officiate a wedding. “I was offered-one-and-a-half million dollars to marry a very famous couple in California, which I would perhaps have considered doing but I had to go dressed ad Gandalf,” he revealed. “So I said,’I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings.'”

Jennifer Lawrence is the highest paid actress in the world according to Forbes’ list. The Hunger Games star earned $46 million before taxes winning her the #1 spot for the second year in a row. Melissa McCarthy is the second highest paid actress. The Ghostbuster star earned $33 million. Scarlett Johansson rounded out the top three with $25 million.

Demi Lovato is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from the band Sleigh Bells. The Indie group claim that Lovato’s track Stars includes an unlicensed sample of their song Infinity Guitars. Stars’ producers who are also named in the suit denied the accusation in a statement to Rolling Stone.