I see you 2020. And it’s through my bitchin’ NASCAR ready cup!

So it’s 2020 and it’s time to start typing and talking about stuff we are loving so far in the initial days of the new decade. Enter this ridiculous product I found trolling around the internet. Story goes  in 2009, a creative team at Wieden and Kennedy New York created a cleverly designed wide-mouth plastic giveaway cup for their client ESPN. This cup featured two cutaways on the far side that let NASCAR fans enjoy their favorite beverage quite comfortably without having to take their eyes off the track. Behold!

Damn. The design was so clever that it received a “Bronze” accommodation from the 2009 One Club for Creativity Show Awards. Way to go! Wondering when and how we can get our hands on one of these. If you know comment in the comments! Cheers to a happy new year ahead.