JOAQUIN PHOENIX will not force his son to be VEGAN

Joaquin Phoenix revealed in an interview with Britain’s Sunday Times that he will not force his son to become vegan. “Well, certainly I would hope that [he is vegan], but I’m not going to impose my belief on my child. I don’t think that’s right. I’m going to educate him about the reality,” he told the outlet. Phoenix and Rooney Mara welcomed their son back in September. 

Simone Biles won her 7th National title at the 2021 U.S. Gymnastic Championships on Sunday. She is the first woman to win seven straight titles in history. Biles now ties with gymnast Alfred Jochim for the most titles by an American. According to NBC Sports Biles has won every all-around competition she has entered since 2013. She is hoping to bring home the gold again at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Liam Payne confirmed that he and Maya Henry have split and called off their 10-month engagement. “I feel like more than anything at this point, I’m more disappointed in myself that I keep on hurting people,” Payne,  said on the Diary of a CEO, podcast. “That annoys me. I’ve just not been very good at relationships. And I know what my pattern of things is with relationships at this point.