Johnny Depp defended Dior and their campaign for their fragrance Sauvage after facing complaints of appropriating Native American Culture. “I can assure you that no one has any reason to go out to try to exploit. It was a film made out of great respect and with great respect and love for the Native American peoples to bring light to them,” Depp told The Hollywood Reporter. “They haven’t had the greatest amount of help out of the United States government. The idea is as pure as it ever was, so we will come to an agreement so that everyone is happy.”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are set to star together on Broadway. The Sex and the City star announced the news on social media. “A classic American comedy A legendary playwright An actor whom I get to love onstage and off 2 actors, 6 roles,” Parker wrote on Instagram. “Neil Simon’s comedy about love, marriage, children and all the absurdity and heartbreak that can happen in room 719. Plaza Suite is back on Broadway.”

Lea Michele revealed that she has polycystic ovary syndrome in a new interview with Health magazine.  “The side effects can be brutal — like weight gain and bad skin,” she said. “I think because of my age, that diagnosis, and the fact that I wasn’t working a job that kept me dancing every single day, I needed to integrate some sort of more formal workouts. I realized that I like workouts with a spiritual element — whether it’s SoulCycle or hot yoga.”