JUDE LAW welcomed BABY #6

Jude Law is a father of six. The actor confirmed that his wife Phillipa  Coan gave birth to their first child together during his appearance on The Tonight Show. It’s really wonderful,” Law told Jimmy Fallon. “We feel pretty blessed that we were in a time where we could, as a family, just nest and enjoy each other’s company and every day as it came.”

Cobie Smulders is officially a U.S. citizen. The How I Met Your Mother star announced the news on Instagram. “After many hours in a Federal building double masked, lathering myself repeatedly in hand sanitizer and acing the first test I’ve taken since High School I am a Dual Citizen,” she captioned a selfie. “I have been living in the US for 16 years now working and paying taxes, making little humans, creating a family and making this Country my home,” she continued. “But I have been unable to Vote. I am excited to do so in this coming election in November. It is an opportunity that I will not waste and am grateful to have my Vote count when so many people who are working and living in this country as long or longer than I have are not able to.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuleos are helping homeless students in New York City through the Win Scholarship Fund. 20 students are headed to college with laptops and nearly $2000 the organization announced on Tuesday. Ripa said in a statement, “Mark and I are so excited to help these students in whatever small way we can. Starting college is a pivotal moment for so many and being a part of this time is really special for our family. We know each of these scholarship recipients has a bright future ahead and we can’t wait to see what amazing things they accomplish!”