Kanye visits Donald Trump

Kanye West met with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower Tuesday morning. According to E! News, Trump’s team reached out to West. They are interested in getting West involved in an “entrepreneurial leadership role.” When reporters asked Trump about the meeting he said “We’ve been friends for a long time. We discussed life.” It’s been almost two weeks since West was released from the hospital after being treated for a mental breakdown.

For the second year in a row Chris Evans topped Forbes list of the 10 Best Actors for the Buck in Hollywood. Evans returned an average $135.80 at the box office for her $1 he was paid thanks to his title role in Marvel’s Captain America movies. Chris Pratt came in at #2 with a return of $125.40 for every $1 paid. Scarlett Johansson rounds out the top 3 with a return of $88.60 at the box office.

Lamar Odom recently admitted himself into rehab in San Diego. A source told E! news, “It was his own decision. He wanted to work on his mental and physical health for the next chapter of his life. He has not fallen off the wagon, but he understands the importance of maintaining his sobriety.” It has been just over a year since Odom suffered a near fatal overdose.