Last-minute costume ideas for the 80’s-loving slacker

While we’re all standing around the proverbial water cooler today debating what Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume will be this year, there are still some of us (ahem) who have not yet procured our own costumes. We’re turning to Netflix for inspiration this year, specifically the 80s-set series Stranger Things and GLOW.

Stranger Things offers some solid last-minute options, like Eleven’s simple tomboy overalls from season 2:

And while GLOW’s peak in popularity was a few months ago, that shouldn’t stop you from taking some inspiration from the show’s wildly colorful outfits. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling wore all kind of patterns with their campy personas, so copy a look or make up your own character in the spirit of the show. Heck, even Mark Maron’s Sam would make a good costume – all you need is one of your dad’s old shirts and a pair of jeans.

Get crackin,’ folks. Halloween is almost here, and Heidi’s been at it since July.