Looking for a new guitar? Let’s compare these 3 models.

Buying your first guitar or even a newer guitar is some what a questionable purchase. But thanks to Norwegian rocker Leo Moracchioli of Frog Leap Studios he’s decided to weigh in on this for us. Leo compared three different electric guitars at three different price points over at his youtube channel recently and its interesting to hear the thoughts of a professional musician in regards to purchasing a new guitar seeing how they range in style and price. Leo reviews a BC Rich Warlock MK1 that sells for less than $300, a Cherrystone Hollow Body purchased on eBay and an $1,800 Musil guitar.

Below is a quote from Moracchioli on his thoughts:

“Of course it’s the feel of the guitar when you’re playing a high-end guitar. It just feels so much nicer to play. You have to struggle a bit more with those cheap ones. It’s like when you order a guitar, if you order high-end it’s usually in tune and set up right. When you order a cheap one, it just scratches and the string height is usually way beyond normal.”