Matthew McConaughey addressed rumors that he wanted to run for governor of Texas during his appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “I have no plans to do that right now,” McConaughey said when asked by Colbert. “Right now, no. I don’t get politics. Politics seems to be a broken business. Politics needs to redefine its purpose. And so, as I move forward in life, yes, am I gonna consider leadership roles where I can be most useful? I’d love to. I’m doing that regardless.”

Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg have reached a settlement in their divorce. According to court documents obtained by People Grey will retain 100% of her earnings and residuals of both her hit films “Dirty Dancing” and “Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights,” in which she did not appear. The two will split the royalties and residuals equally for more than 30 other projects including Gregg’s work in Avengers, Captain Marvel, Captain America, as well as the Iron Man and Thor films. The couple’s marriage will officially end on February 16, 2021. 

Nene Leakes shut down the rumors that she was cheating on her husband Gregg with French Montana. During her appearance on The Real the reality star set the record straight. “Not my type, ok,” she said. “I love French. He’s super fun, he’s shown me a lot of love, but he’s not my type of guy, so I didn’t get a chance to cheat on Gregg. Dang.”