Meditate in style and comfort with the new Muse S


The Muse S is a comfy multi-sensor meditation device that provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to help you build a consistent meditation practice.Using the award-winning biofeedback developed for both the Original Muse and Muse 2, Muse S allows users to seamlessly go from daytime use into bedtime prep with Go-to-Sleep Journeys.

Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending it with deeply restorative sleep – the perfect combination for the best version of you.With Muses’s world-renowned roster of meditation instructors and new adaptive Go-To-Sleep Journeys, we aim to help you learn how to turn off your busy mind and let the world melt away—day or night.They packed a lot of tech into a lightweight, rechargeable Pod with 10 hours of continuous battery life. Muse S measures your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movement through multiple biosensors to give you real-time feedback on your meditation practice and help you know when you’re in the zone. Retails for $350 and you can grab one or get more information over at Muse’s website.