Michael K. Williams’ cause of death has been released. New York City’s medical examiner revealed on Friday that Williams died of acute intoxication from a lethal combination of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin, and cocaine. The actor’s death has been ruled as accidental. The Wire star was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment on September 6th. 

Simone Biles opened up about how it all became “too much” for her in an interview with  Time Magazine. “I should have quit way before Tokyo,” Biles shared. “”When Larry Nassar was in the media for two years. It was too much. But I was not going to let him take something I’ve worked for since I was 6 years old. I wasn’t going to let him take that joy away from me. So I pushed past that for as long as my mind and my body would let me.”

In a recent interview on the Morning Meeting podcast Anderson Cooper shared that he will be following in his Mother’s footsteps when it comes to money with his one-year-old son, Wyatt. “I don’t believe in passing on huge amounts of money. I don’t know what I’ll have . . . don’t intend to have some sort of pot of gold for my son.” He went on to explain that he’ll probably do what his parents did for him, “college will be paid for and then you’ve got to get on it.”