New app promises “surround sound for your eyes”

A free app just launched that promises to create “surround sound for your eyes” by synchronizing your Philips Hue smart lighting with the games, videos and music you play. The Philips Hue Sync app will basically capture the content on your Windows 10 or macOS (Sierra and later) computer and then will “translate it into an immediate lightscript for an immersive experience,” according to the press release.

The new home entertainment software works with Philips Hue smart lighting, and actually seems like it would spice up a viewing experience:  “Imagine you’re playing an action game and your lights mimic the explosions on the screen. Or, when watching a stunning sunset in a movie, have your living room bathed in the same violet, orange and yellow hues you see on the screen. And finally, take your music listening to a new level; your lights can dance to the beat of your favorite tracks.”

The immersive experience is also customizable, which is especially appealing to tech-lovers: “The software allows you to set your desired brightness level and change the speed in which your lights are changing alongside the content; you can select between Subtle, Moderate, High and Intense modes. Plus, when listening to music, you can choose from several different color palettes to match the genre. For example, subtle, pastel colors play nicely with softer tunes, while brighter, bolder tones might be better suited for rock and dance music.”

Check it out: