Pink told Ellen DeGeneres during her talk show on Monday that she is not going to post anymore family photos on social media because of all the hateful comments people have posted.”I won’t share them anymore, I won’t do it,” she told DeGeneres. “I’m not posting pictures of them anymore. I understand people saying you need to be more careful because you are in the public eye and you should have thought of that. And they’re right, but there’s a nice way to say that. There’s a kind way to be online.”

The Jonas Brothers took to social media on Monday morning to reveal the title and release date for their new album. Their fifth studio album Happiness Begins will drop on June 7th. “After 7 years of not working together & finding ourselves we’re back to give you our journey in album form,” Kevin tweeted. “Out of all the albums we’ve done I’m most proud of this one. Wish you could have it now, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.”

Nicolas Cage’s wife of four days is asking for spousal support . According to TMZ, Erika Koike agreed to a divorce not an annulment as Cage had requested. She claims she lost career opportunities during their relationship so she is entitled to spousal support and she wants the National Treasure star to pay her legal fees.