PRIYANKA CHOPRA reveals she was told to get PLASTIC SURGERY

Priyanka Chopra revealed in her memoir Unfinished that a director once told her she needed major plastic surgery to have a career in Hollywood.  “He stared at me long and hard, assessing me, and then suggested that I get a boob job, fix my jaw and add a little more cushioning to my butt.” He said if she “wanted to be an actress,” she would “need to have my proportions ‘fixed,'” and said “he knew a great doctor in L.A. he could send me to.” 

Paris Hilton testified on Monday about the abuse she suffered at a boarding school in Utah. Hilton spoke about how staff members would beat her, force her to take unknown pills, watch her shower and send her to solitary confinement without clothes as punishment. Hilton testified during a hearing at the Utah Capitol for a bill seeking to regulate youth residential treatment centers. The measure passed unanimously following emotional testimony from several  survivors including Hilton.

Halle Berry fired back at online trolls who commented on her love life. Berry posted a quote on Instagram that read, “Women don’t owe you s—.” While the quote received a lot of love some of the comments were not so nice. “With all of your accomplishments, fame, beauty, it seems, as if, you CAN’T keep a man,” someone wrote to which Berry replied with, “Who said I wanted to keep them? I’m all about living your best life, if you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again !”