Sarah Jessica Parker takes a stand against EpiPen

Sarah Jessica Parker announced that she is ending her relationship with the manufacturer of EpiPen. The company raised the price of the allergy injector by more than 400 percent since 2007. “I’m left disappointed , saddened and deeply concerned by Mylan’s actions,” the Sex in the City wrote on Instagram. “I do not condone this decision and I have ended my relationship with Mylan as a direct result of it.” Parker’s son requires and Epi Pen for his peanut allergy. She was a paid spokesperson for Mylan.

Dwayne Johnson is the highest paid actor in Hollywood. According to Forbes the Ballers star earned and estimated $64.5 million in the last 12 months. Jackie Chan came in second with $61 million. Matt Damon placed third with $55 million. Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp rounded out the top five.

Larry King reportedly learned that his wife of 19 years was having an affair when he was contacted by the Nation Enquirer who published the story. Shawn King allegedly has been involved in a year long romance. Sources told PEOPLE that , “It’s true and Larry is completely embarrassed and anguished by all of this .”