Sean Penn will not return to the set of his new show “Gaslit” until the entire cast and crew have received Covid vaccinations. Penn plays Attorney General John Mitchell in the Starz drama which is modern take on the Watergate Scandal . Julia Roberts plays his wife Martha in the show. Deadline reported  that Penn issued the ultimatum because he was not happy with the vaccination requirements imposed by NBCUniversal, the studio behind the production.

Lance Bass said on Heather Dubrow’s World podcast that he has not spoken to Britney Spears “in years.” But not by choice. “We’ve been kept away from each other for quite a while.” Bass and Spears toured together when he was a member of NSYNC along with Britney’s boyfriend at the time Justin Timberlake . “I don’t know exactly what she needs,” Bass said, “but I do know that she, to me [from] what I see is sane enough to pick her own people… She needs to pick her own people running this conservatorship, if she even needs one, especially when choosing her lawyer.”

Kevin Hart is no joke when it comes to his prank war with Nick Cannon. Hart shared a photo of a billboard that he had printed with, “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon along with Cannon’s phone number. “Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well….Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles,” Hart captioned the photo  on Instagram. Hart got billboards in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York.