Serena Williams having a baby girl?

Serena Williams’ sister may have revealed the sex of her baby. Venus who is currently playing in the French Open spilled the beans during an interview with Eurosport when she was asked what the baby would call her. She replied, “She’s going to call me her favorite aunt.”

After receiving intense backlash for a photo of herself holding a severed head that looked liked Donald Trump Kathy Griffin issued an apology. Griffin said, “I sincerely apologize. I went too far,” in the video posted on social media. The apology was not enough for the comedian to keep her job with CNN. The cable network ended their relationship with Griffin on Wednesday. Griffin has co-hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper several years.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been struggling with their financial situation and it just got worse. A judge ruled they have to pay off a $220,000 debt. City National Bank sued the couple for not paying off a $400,000 load from 2010. Since Tori and Dean failed to show up for on May 22nd the judge ordered a default judgement. They reportedly also owe IRS and American Express.