Star Wars, Ghostbusters, & Barbie dolls are some of the hottest toys coming in 2019

The Toy Guy Chris Byrne has been reporting from the 2019 American International Toy Fair in New York City to let us know what toys are set to make a splash.

Barbie dolls are making a comeback in Spring 2019 with the 60th anniversary career collection. Their physical traits will differ, but the dolls will each wear career-themed outfits as astronauts, pilots, athletes, journalists, politicians and firefighters.

Playmobil has a Ghostbusters line, just in time for the newest Ghostbusters reboot this year.

And Hasbro’s new Darth Vader toy is a poseable action figure.

Other highlights include self-sealing balloons (available at Walmart in May), new interactive characters from Hasbro’s Yellies!, and Snapstar which encourages kids to both play with the dolls and snap high fashion pics on the included green screen. The evolution of toys continues to impress!