Steven Seagal is now a Russian citizen

The Kremlin announced Thursday that Vladimir Putin had awarded Russian citizenship to action star Steven Seagal. He has been a regular visitor to Russia in the past years and has accompanied Putin to martial-arts events. A spokesman told reporters that Seagal, “is known for his warm feelings to our country. He never made a secret of it, and he’s also a well-known actor, which gave grounds to make him a Russian citizen.”

Emma Watson was busy hiding books in London’s subway stations on Tuesday. The Harry Potter star posted on Facebook, “I’ve been hiding copies of Mom and Me and Mom for Books on the Underground on the tube today! See if you can find one tomorrow!”l Watson left 100 copies of the book by Maya Angelou to encourage riders to read. Watson also inscribed a special note inside of each of the books.

Ellen DeGeneres helped name Adam Levine’s daughter. “So I’m going through it and I think I have a great name , and I texted Ellen,” Levine said on her talk show Wednesday. “And I was like, What do you think ? and she’s like, I hate it, I think it’s a terrible name.” The Maroon 5 singer explained that Ellen texted him, ” like five names to think about,” and one them was Dusty. Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo named their daughter Dusty Rose.