The Chick Drop at Peepsfest is probably not what you think… but it’s still pretty weird

This year will mark the 10th annual Chick Drop at Peepsfest in Bethlehem, Pa. “Home of the beloved
PEEPS® candy brand, Bethlehem drops a giant illuminated PEEPS® Chick each year to spread cheer and encourage family-friendly celebrations,” according to a press release. “Weighing in at 400 pounds and standing tall at four feet and nine inches, the PEEPS® Chick will descend for the countdown to the New Year on Dec. 31 at 5:15 p.m.” Families can also attend the Chick Rising Ceremony on December 30th to see fireworks without the usual crowds. Stay weird, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Fusco/AP Images for Just Born Quality Confections