These two new “Rick and Morty” ice cream flavors are out of this world

Afters Ice Cream, famous in California for its milky buns and handcrafted ice creams, has just unveiled two new flavors as part of a collaboration with fan favorite TV show “Rick and Morty.” The Afters Ice Cream x Rick and Morty collab features branded merch, Instagram-worthy store designs, and two new flavors called Caramel Portal and Dark Matter Brownie Batter.

– “Caramel Portal Ice Cream topped with Green Apple Popping Isotope Candy: Rick and Morty interdimensional portal green colored caramel ice cream with dehydrated marshmallows and optional green apple popping candy topping”

– “Dark Matter Brownie Batter Ice Cream topped with Galaxy Sparkle Sugar: Black brownie batter ice cream with fudge and brownie bites topped with optional black sparkle sugar”

Though Afters Ice Cream has announced that all its locations had sold out of the new ice cream flavors shortly after launch over the weekend, they’ve promised to be restocked in all stores today – so get your exclusive sweet treats while they last!