This magic wand will pour you a limited edition beer

From now until June, patrons of The Cauldron popup pub in London will experience the interactive magic of mixing drinkable potions and waving actual working wands. “Upon arrival, guests descend the stairs to receive a robe and magic wand, which they use to pour their own pint of Four Cauldrons, a limited edition collaboration beer brewed for The Cauldron by London’s Fourpure Brewing Co.” As Harry Potter fans for whom Butterbeer is just a nonalcoholic tease, this “magic wand”/”actual beer” combination is enticing. “Guests are then led to their interactive workstation, which is equipped with a cauldron and instructions book, and fresh and bottled potion-making ingredients. Students grind and prepare ingredients and follow instructions to brew two drinkable potions that change colour, bubble, and smoke.” The venue is an interactive paradise too, where visitors can even explore the greenhouse which supplies the “magic” ingredients for the experience. And as if that’s not all cool enough, the popup pub is also collecting children’s books for donation to reading classrooms in the UK.