This “Police Chase Experience” looks INSANE

Well, it’s finally happened. A Las Vegas company is offering a “Police Chase Experience” to visitors who want to enjoy (?) the thrill (?) of a police chase.

“Police Chase Las Vegas is the only provider of police pursuit and intervention driving tactics available to the general public in the United States,” according to the website. “Guests experience driving an actual police car or getaway car in a lights and siren pursuit. Guests can also attempt PIT maneuvers and other actual police techniques trained to and only used by real Law Enforcement Personnel.”

The grand opening event is Saturday January 19, and will be hosted by “CHiPS” TV star Erik Estrada.

“If you’ve always wanted to round up the bad guys with your lights flashing and sirens blaring, here’s your chance! Think you can outrun the opposition…. let’s see you try. Getting caught is half the fun!”

To book tickets, visit their website HERE.