Wear a piece of Hollywood history

The iconic Hollywood sign we all know today was installed in 1978, but it was actually a replacement for the original which had been there since 1923. Now a fully funded Kickstarter campaign is underway for limited edition watches that feature antique metal from the 1923 Hollywood sign in the form of a metal plaque (engraved with an art deco H of course) at the 12 o’clock position. “The metal on each plaque has been treated to maintain the integrity of the authentic weathering of the sign, and hence, no two are identical! Each watch is inscribed with a limited-edition number on the case back.” The Hollywood Watch Company is offering 1,923 watches in size 43mm, and another 1,923 in 36mm. So if you’re interested in owning this particular piece of history, the Kickstarter pledge is apparently a 50% savings off the future retail price.