Amazon’s newest Prime feature might just change the way we shop for clothes

We’ve all been there – staring at an outfit online that we’re just sure would look great, if only we could try on a few different sizes to pick the best fit. Now Amazon has solved that problem with Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The newest Prime initiative, which aims to bring the fitting room to our doorsteps, has just officially come out of beta and launched nationwide for all members of the Prime program.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is most appealing because of its price point – free. Fill a Prime Wardrobe cart with women’s, men’s or kid’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. Try everything on at home during a 7-day period. Return what you don’t want and pay only for what you keep. “Unsure of what size to order? Order multiple sizes of the same item,” says the Amazon blog announcing the news. “Looking for a wardrobe update? Fill the Prime Wardrobe cart with three or more styles and try them on risk-free. Considering the newest trend but unsure it’ll work? It’s easy to try before you buy.”

For those of us who itch at the thought of milling around a department store with hordes of other shoppers – this Amazon Prime Wardrobe perk might be the answer.