Cynthia Nixon says J.K. Rowling’s tweets about the transgender community hurt her transgender son. “It was really painful for him because so much of his childhood was tied up with Harry Potter,” Nixon said during an interview with The Independent. “We’re a Harry Potter family. The books seem to be about championing people who are different, so for her to select this one group of people who are obviously different and sort of deny their existence, it’s just… it’s really baffling. I know she feels like she’s standing up for feminism, but I don’t get it.”

Demi Lovato responded to old screen shots and videos allegedly linked to her fiancé Max Ehrich circulated by fans on Twitter.  In the posts he professes his love for Selena Gomez. “It’s really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other. If women have conflict that’s between them NOT YOU,” wrote Lovato on Instagram. “Secondly, don’t y’all have more important s— to write about in 2020???”

Mariska Hargitay thrilled fans of Law & Order:SVU by sharing an update on season 22. “It’s official! The bands back together! We had our first read thru today. #Zoom Remember me in quarantine. #SVU22 ,” she wrote on Instagram. “We start shooting Monday.”