Justin Bieber off probation

Justin Bieber is a free man. According to TMZ the pop star is finally off probation. Bieber was on probation for the infamous egging incident of his former neighbor’s home. He was sentenced to two years of probation, 40 hours of community service, he had to attend anger management classes and pay for $80,000 in damages. Justin impressed authorities at the Probation department and a judge agreed to to end his probation on June 9th one month early.

Chelsea Handler responds to critics after her brutally honest essay for Playboy’s Freedom issue . The comedian and talk show host revealed in the essay that she had two abortions at the age of sixteen. After some comments implied that she was showing off Handler took to Twitter to respond. “When I agreed to write an article on a woman’s right to choose, I certainly wasn’t bragging, I chose to tell the truth,” she wrote.

Dennis Quaid’s wife Kimberly has filed for divorce again. “After careful consideration, we have decided to end our 12-year marriage. The decision was made amicably and with mutual respect toward one another,” the couple said in a joint statement to TMZ. Kimberly first filed for divorce back in March 2012. Two months later she withdrew the divorce papers. The couple were wed in 2004 and have 8-year-old twins.