Mark-Paul Gosselaar opened up about Dustin Diamond’s death during an appearance on Tamron Hall. “It’s always tough when someone passes away. I think it’s even more so when the individual is someone you know and the age of Dustin,” said Gosselaar. “It was only a few weeks ago that we heard about his diagnosis and for it to happen so quickly is shocking.” Gosselaar and Diamond appeared on Saved by the Bell together for years. “Myself and the rest of the cast, we will get together at some point and sort of express our feelings, but yeah, it happened so quickly that we’re all just pretty shocked about it,” he added.

Marilyn Manson responded to multiple claims of abuse with a statement on social media. The singer wrote, “Obviously, my art and my life have long been magnets for controversy, but these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how – and why – others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth.”

Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison is suing her. The singer’s older sister is asking for $1.25 million for the “emotional distress” she suffered from the inclusion of several stories in Mariah’s 2020 book, The Meaning of Mariah Carey.  According to the lawsuit the book made claims against Alison Carey without any substantial evidence, including alleging she abused Mariah by throwing boiling water on her, giving her Valium and attempting to “pimp her out.” Alison claims that she has fallen back into “alcohol abuse” following the book’s release.