PetSmart makes sure your dog does the Holidays in Style!

The holiday season is about celebrating with loved ones—and that includes pets. Once again, pet parents can look to PetSmart, the leading pet specialty retailer in North America, for a glittering array of festive products and activities that are sure to warm hearts and lift holiday spirits.

Pet parents are increasingly including their pets in holiday celebrations. Get them ready for the occasion with special outfits like the Merry & Bright™ Holiday Elf Pet Costume. For those chilly days at home, help your pet get cozy by the fireplace in a Merry & BrightHoliday Knitted Penguin Pet Sweater and the Merry & Bright™ Holiday Tree Hut Pet Bed.

Because not every pet appreciates a complete outfit, holiday accessories like the Merry & Bright™ Holiday “Believe” Santa Pet Bandana, the colorful Merry & Bright™ Holiday Tie Collar, or the twinkling Merry & Bright™ Holiday Naughty & Nice Cat Collar are equally merry ways to get dressed up for any party. And to get your pet’s attention during the photo op, try squeaking the Merry & Bright™ Holiday Bite Shield Candy Cane Dog Toy.

Of course, the holidays aren’t complete without some fun treats and toys. PetSmart delivers with entertaining options like the Merry & Bright™ Holiday Santa Dog Toy and the Merry & Bright Spring Swatter Holiday Tree Cat Toy. Pet parents can also surprise their pets with quirkier gifts like the Merry & Bright™ Holiday XL Pickle with Santa Hat Dog, and tasty pre-filled stocking treats tailored especially for cats and dogs.